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Men’s Secret Competive Weapon – Stronger Ejaculations

With a perfectly cut body, buffed biceps, lean and six-packed abs with an eye-catching face, imagine a tall man. In bed, now, imagine him performing badly. Without a high-speed motor, this man can be compared to a brand new sports car. Everybody wants to look at it, but nobody wants to ride it. Like their secret weapon stronger ejaculation to men is. Women crave for men who can bring them to the heavens whenever they enter intercourse. Difficult to find, men with brilliant and stronger ejaculation are. Beyond reach, but do not worry, you can be one of the rare who can bring women to heights.

Semenax Ingredients – L Arginine

One of the main ingredients of Semenax is the amino acid L Arginine. Oftentimes, you’ll often see L Arginine as one of the key ingredients of weight lifting and body building supplements.

L Arginine is an essential part of Semenax as studies have shown that as much as doubles semen volume and is a key element in the production of nitric oxide for blood flow and the resulting harder erections.

Other studies have shown that L Arginine helps to increase youth hormone or HGH levels by as much as three times all the while enhancing sexual and workout type performance.

L Arginine is just one of the many key ingredients that make up the powerful proprietary formulation for increasing semen volume that is SEMENAX semen volume pills. These work together to provide greater results than any one supplement alone, especially when it comes to increasing semen volume for more powerful and pleasurable ejaculations.

Supplements to Increase Semen Volume For Bigger Ejaculations When You Cum

So which are the best supplements to increase semen volume?

Two of the best known and most highly regarded are Semenax and Volume Pills.

The formulas for each of these products are a bit different, but both aim for the same goal: to significantly increase your semen volume when you ejaculate.

I’ve tried both of these personally and both work very well at increasing semen amount.

Both Semenax and VolumePills are custom formulations of various natural ingredients that help get your semen producing parts firing on all cylinders.

Why is increasing semen volume during ejaculation important to guys?

For one thing, it works to increase the pleasure of male orgasm when you ejaculate. The more semen you produce and ejaculate when you cum, the more intense the pleasure. Also, bigger ejaculations tend to be longer more powerful ejaculations as well.

And what guy doesn’t like to impress! Big ejaculations are impressive messy fun! Being able to ejaculate more semen gives the impression that you are the virile man you hope she perceives you to be.

For those that enjoy this sort of fun in the bedroom (or anywhere else for that matter), bigger ejaculations can mean bigger semen facials, more cum to swallow, snow capped peaks (cum covered tits), semen creampies, or heavy snowballing (if you’re into that sort of thing). To each his/her own!

Pleasure is one of life’s greatest gifts and if you share this sort of fun with your partner…as the saying goes, the more the merrier!