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Crazies In The Paleosphere – Bacon As A New Religion

Just read an interesting blog post having to do with eating paleo vs being paleo.

Friends I know exchange pictures of paleo food porn…obscene images of meat with more meat…and especially images of bacon laden goodies. Chocolate covered bacon. Taco shells made out of bacon. Or simply piles and piles of bacon goodness.

I love meat, protein and good fats, but also don’t shy away from root vegetables or bananas. Cooking is a hobby of mine so being strict paleo or low carb or no carb just wouldn’t cut it. I also don’t think it’s necessary, and in some cases (as the article suggests with regard to excessive bacon) even healthy.

Bacon worship may be fun but probably not a good idea to take it too seriously!

Some people gravitate to things for the wrong reasons. Being able to gorge on bacon shouldn’t be the primary appeal of embracing a paleo diet. Same goes for bulletproof coffee.

So go ahead, eat your carrots. You can always wrap bacon around them if you must!